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The Pearl-Qatar

One of the leading publicly listed and most diversified companies in the Middle East, United Development Company (UDC) is leading Qatar’s drive to modernity while delivering high returns for its investors

UDC intends to make The Pearl-Qatar a unique living and cultural experience that combines the best of the country’s past and present

The Pearl-Qatar’s development has been hailed as a prime example of environmental stewardship and sustainability

Ronautica Middle East, a fully owned subsidiary of UDC, is building three sophisticated and environmentally friendly marinas as well as a yacht club of international standing to cater to the international, regional and local yachting communities
Middle East, peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia


AREA - comparative:
slightly smaller than Connecticut

GDP (purchasing power parity):
$101.4 billion (2009 est.)

EXPORTS - commodoties:
liquified natural gas (LNG), petroleum products, fertilizers, steel

GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 0.1%
industry: 65.9%
services: 34.1% (2009 est.)

liquefied natural gas, crude oil production and refining, ammonia, fertilizers, petrochemicals, steel reinforcing bars, cement, commercial ship repair

IMPORTS - partners:
U.S. 12%, Germany 8.9%, Italy 8.8%, Japan 7.9%, South Korea 7.4%, France 6.2%, UAE 5.4%, UK 4.9%, Saudi Arabia 4.6% (2008)

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Project Director:
Nathalie Martin-Bea
Project Coordinator:
Jose Mendez


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