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The company recently signed an MoU with San Miguel Corporation of the Philippines

To lead cellular innovations in Qatar and abroad, the Qtel Group has partnered with global companies such as AT&T

Always thinking big, through Navlink and its solid relationship with AT&T, the Qtel Group is positioning itself as one of the main companies in providing regional networks that deliver broadband for enterprise and the corporate world.

“Partnerships are one of our company’s strengths as we pride ourselves in having the right technology and global platform for our partners to benefit,” says CEO Dr. Nasser Marafih. Qtel’s strength is also reflected through its partnership with other world-class companies such as Clearwire, one of the leading global companies in providing WiMax solutions for broadband customers.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin  Saud Al-Thani

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani
Chairman of the Qtel Group


The Qtel Group continued its trend of working with the best and acquired Liberty Telecom Holdings in May 2008, followed by a memorandum of understanding with Philippine corporate giant San Miguel in December 2008 to form a joint venture focusing on wireless broadband and a cellular communications project.

Within the region, the Qtel Group’s involvement in Oman’s market is also likely to see a significant boost in the coming times as one of the major players involved in Nawras, the Omani-Qatari telecommunications company. Following a recent Royal Decree, Nawras – a Qtel Group company – is now entitled to provide fixed, data and international telecommunications services in Oman and can use its network infrastructure to offer a range of leading-edge technologies, such as WiMax and HSDPA services. Since its launch in 2005 as the second operator in Oman, Nawras has provided a wide range of new innovations for the GSM market, growing to over 1.7 million customers.

Commenting on the Qtel Group’s 2009 results with revenue growth of 18.2% (QAR 24 billion or $6.6 billion) and subsequent results in Q1 2010 with revenue growth of 14.2% (QAR 6.4 billion or $1.8billion), Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani said: “2009 has been a year of real achievement for the Qtel Group as I am proud to announce that we are now the largest telecommunications provider in the Middle East-North Africa region by number of operations.”

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