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Setting Global Footprints

With a clear vision and an aggressive business model, the Qtel Group continues to expand its horizons through high-profile acquisitions

Since its inception, the Qtel Group has managed to increase its market share in most, if not all, of the markets it has entered, thanks in part to the ability of aligning itself with the right partners.

“Our acquisitions team has a clear idea of what we need to achieve upon entering a market. It is vital to enter an operation that provides us with organic growth. When considering any acquisition, we evaluate the opportunity carefully to see how it is structured and how it can fit into our strategy,” says CEO Dr. Nasser Marafih.

Over the past three years, the Qtel Group acquired majority stakes in Kuwait’s Wataniya Telecom and Indonesia’s PT Indosat Tbk, two leading operators in their markets. These acquisitions were a turning point in the company’s history, as they played a major role in putting the Qtel Group on the world map, in addition to the Group being awarded the ‘Deal of the Year Award’ – one of the industry’s most prestigious awards – for the last three years.

The Qtel Group is also poised to become a key player in the upcoming mega-developments of Lusail and Energy City in Qatar. “We already have a relationship in place with Energy City to build their platforms and solutions,” explains Dr. Marafih. “We also have good business ties with BARWA and other major developers. Qatar’s new large-scale developments have unique telecom needs that must be satisfied and Qtel will be in the front line here.”

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