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Ready, Set, Dial!

With Qatar’s market open to competition, Qtel continues to offer the latest technologies at consumer-friendly prices

Qtel has long been a pioneer in bringing its customers cutting-edge technologies. The company was the first provider to launch IPTV services in Qatar, and also made Qatar the first country outside Europe to offer GSM services in 1994.

One of the most impressive and innovative services offered by the Qtel Group is WiMax, the advanced, fourth-generation, wireless broadband technology. Moreover, Qtel has also been one of the first telecom groups in the region to become a member of the Mobile Entertainment Forum in order to develop applications, entertainment and services for mobile users.

“Telecommunications is a matter of national importance and pride,” according to Qtel Group CEO Dr. Nasser Marafih. “If you look at the overall portfolio of products and services available in Qatar, you will see that they are very advanced, thanks to what we offer.”

Qatar boasts over 140% mobile penetration, 50% in broadband Internet and 100% penetration in fixed line technologies. Qtel is largely responsible for this. The Group has entered a long term collaboration with the Qatar Science & Technology Park to create a mobile innovation ecosystem for the MENA region by promoting the development of new cellular applications, such as m-payment, health, education and government services, to drive consumer uptake of more advanced mobile services. “We are aiming to develop IT innovations that are necessary for the whole region,” says Dr. Marafih. “Developing applications, entertainment and services for mobile telephony represent a huge area of growth.”

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